GWL SAIS Europe Executive Board 2018-2019


President: Alexis-Clair Roehrich,

Alexis-Clair Roehrich is a first year SAIS MA student concentrating in American Foreign Policy. Before arriving at SAIS, Alexis spent the last ten years working in human capital development in East Africa for One Acre Fund—an agriculture social enterprise, at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. for U.S. Federal Government employees, and at Smith College Executive Education with women in Fortune 500 companies. Alexis completed her undergraduate degree at Smith College in Sociology and French Studies, where she spent her junior year studying and working abroad in Paris, France and Rabat, Morocco. Following SAIS, Alexis plans on joining a U.S. presidential campaign to get a Dem back in the White House. Long term, she hopes to work on foreign policy and human capital development for the U.S. government. When she is not working to help develop others she is playing ultimate frisbee with a local Italian team called DiscoBolo, attempting to keep up with the readings for class, listening to sci-fi novels on Audible, or cooking fried eggs!


Treasurer, Board Member: Wendy DunAway,

Wendy Dunaway is currently a second year SAIS MA student with a concentration in General International Relations. Previously, she spent 20 years in Information Technology as a network administrator and security specialist in the manufacturing, financial, and healthcare sectors. During the last half of this career, Wendy began focusing on practicing in the healthcare and emergency services fields as an Emergency Medical Technician and Firefighter for her local volunteer fire department. After retiring from IT, she focused her career in healthcare and became a Critical Care Paramedic for private services and worked as a Critical Care Technician in the Emergency Department of a local hospital. During this time, she finished her bachelor’s degree in International Relations, with a minor in Religious Studies and a degree from Honors College, at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Wendy is completing her degree at the SAIS Bologna, Italy campus. She then plans on returning to the healthcare sector while she applies to numerous public health graduate programs.


Board Member: Samira Salha,

Samira is a first year MA candidate at SAIS concentrating in International Political Economy. Originally from NYC, Samira became involved in advocacy for women of color and LGBTQ+ youth through her participation in both on and off-campus organizations and groups. Graduating from SUNY Geneseo in May of 2018, Samira entered the SAIS Bologna community determined to create a diverse and didactic learning environment for women.  Through GWL, Samira plans to foster an environment within SAIS where women can rely on each other for academic, professional and personal support by nurturing a strong sense of solidarity.


Board Member: Miranda Bain,

Miranda Bain is a first year SAIS MA student concentrating in Latin American Studies. She spent the last four years working for women’s rights and human rights organisations in the UK, with brief stints in India and New Zealand. Miranda conducted analysis of political parties’ 2015 manifesto policies for a leading women’s rights organisation; coordinating the establishment of over fifty local branches for a new feminist political party, the Women’s Equality Party; and supporting the operations, communications and legal advice teams in the UK’s foremost civil liberties organisation, Liberty. She also trained as an Ask Me Ambassador for Women’s Aid, in order to help raise awareness around domestic abuse and be a community reference-point for information and possible referrals. Her feminist activism began at the University of Cambridge, where she read History of Art, and was on the committee of a freshly-formed feminist discussion group at her college - which only began admitting women in 1985. When not pondering how to dismantle the patriarchy she is watching indie films, hiking and indulging in Bolognese cuisine (gelato!).


Board Member: Kyla Persky,

Kyla Persky is a first year student and member of the 5-Year BA/MA program, pursuing a concentration in Conflict Management with a minor in American Foreign Policy. To date, her diverse background ranges from working as a real estate intern in Warsaw and studying the weaponization of space at Hopkins, to debating at the United Nations in The Hague and conducting public health research in Uganda. Although disciplinarily distinctive in nature, these experiences are woven together by the common thread of leveraging data driven processes to create sustainable solutions to socio political risks. Combining her role in GWL with a position on SGA’s Academic Committee, Kyla hopes to expand upon this skillset as it pertains to gender relations. Studying the presence of bias in the SAIS community, she is currently engaged in a curriculum review and evaluation of hiring practices. Beyond identifying areas for improvement, she hopes to harness the potential of her peers by creating more opportunities to strengthen the ties between students and alumni. Fun fact, Kyla’s favorite things include baking, surfing, and photography! In fact, her dream job is to photograph for NatGeo - yikes, gooood luck ;)!


Board Member: Kimmi Vo,

Kimmi Vo is a first year SAIS MA student concentrating in International Development. She studied Finance and Management during her undergraduate career, but her extracurriculars pointed to International Development and gender rights interests, so after two years as a business consultant for a technology and finance company, Kimmi pursued a career switch and served in the US Peace Corps in Namibia as a Community Economic Development volunteer. There, she worked on women’s empowerment (thru income generating activities) and girls’ education (thru health workshops) as the Ministry of Education’s Gender Rights Specialist. During her service, she led initiatives against gender-based violence, transactional sex, and passion killings. She hopes to continue expanding her breadth and depth of knowledge and impact as it pertains to methods of enabling female potential around the world, particularly at the convergence of policy, advocacy, and grassroots mobilization. In her spare time, she loves eating, cooking, being outdoors, and indulging in the occasional daily glass of wine. She also lives by the immortal words of Kevin Gnapoor (Mean Girls), “Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang.”


Board Member: Alissa Pavia,

Alissa Pavia is an Italian-American dual citizen now studying in Bologna. Alissa worked in Brussels for the past two and a half years where she focused my work on countering violent extremism among the youth. She is extremely passionate about gender issues, which is why she followed the course on multiculturalism and women’s rights with an Italian law professor, Prof. Mancini. She believes there is not enough awareness about the hardships women face on a daily basis, especially in the workforce. Alissa wants to raise awareness against the misperception that women are not discriminated against in western countries, which is why she decided to become a member of the GWL e-board. In her free time, she likes to go to rock music festivals, do sports and watch biographical movies. Alissa is also passionate about languages.